About Us

Who are we?

Meat Mob is a Meat delivery service that provides a higher grade of meat and more. We have designed our service to make it as simple as possible to get Quality cuts of meat available delivered to your door.. 

Where do we get our products?

We have partnered with local suppliers who primarily service the food services industry, like restaurants, boutique butcher shops and speciality grocery stores. These suppliers provide a much higher quality of food than your typical Grocery store. That is why the Steak or Chicken always tastes better in a restaurant.

Are we the cheapest?
No! Meat Mob believes you want the highest quality food available, not the cheapest. You will notice the quality of our products right from the beginning and we promise you will never want to buy a steak from a Grocery store again after trying one of ours!

Who are you personally?

We are normal people like yourself. We just discovered an alternative way to buy our groceries and get better quality. During the recent Pandemic we discovered there were others like us that wanted a decent restaurant quality steak, but couldn’t go your local restaurant to get it.  So we decided why not start a business that can deliver that same quality, right to your front doorstep?

Do you charge for delivery?

For a limited time there is no charge for delivery on orders over $200. But our delivery guys have to eat too. So that may change in the future. Take advantage of free delivery now!

Where do you Deliver?
Currently we operate in the Greater Toronto Area. But we are expanding into new areas every week. If our website says we cannot deliver in your area, give our call centre a call or email us at, they may be able to make an exception and deliver in your area.

Will you always have what I ordered?

We do our best to make sure that our website is kept up to date with what we currently have in stock, but the supply chain these days sometimes gets interrupted. We want to sell you the product if we have it! If we do not then we will refund the cost of whatever we have not been able to fulfill in your order.

Customer Service, Refunds and Exchanges

If there is ever an error in your order simply contact us and we offer a “no haggle” guarantee. Simply send us a photo within 24 hours of the issue and we will refund your money immediately.

Our service is designed to make your life easier while providing you with the highest quality product. To us quality is everything and if you are not satisfied, then neither are we! 


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